Title: Official Guide to the Railways Aug52 [N Amer]
Publisher: National Railway Publication Co.
Validity: Aug 1952
Page Count: 1,526
Map Count: ???
Published since 1868, The Official Guide of the Railways covered rail and marine passenger services across North and Central America. Although the network was much-reduced by the 1930's Depression and private motor-vehicle and airline competition, this edition from August 1952 still runs to 1,500 pages and shows a largely-dieselised network before the major cutbacks in passenger services of the late-1950s.


General Pages
Index of Transportation Lines
Index of Railroad Stations
Index of Points Reached by Water Routes
Index of Points Reached by Air Passenger Lines
List of National Parks
List of Military Posts
List of Hospitals
Aberdeen and Rockfish R.R. Co.
Abaline & Southern Ry. Co.
AGWI Lines (See Ward Line)
Ahnapee and Western Ry. Co.
Akron & Barberton Belt R.R.
Akron, Canton & Youngstown R.R.
Alabama and Vicksburg Ry. Co. (See Ill. Cent.)
Alabama Central R.R.
Alabama Great Southern R.R. (See Southern)
Alabama, Tennessee and Northern R.R. Co.
Alameda Belt Line
Alaska R.R. (U. S. Government Road)
Alaska Steamship Co.
Albany & Northern Ry.
Alcoa Steamship Co., Inc
Alexander R.R.
Algers, Winslow and Western Ry. Co.
Algoma Central and Hudson Bay Ry. Co.
Aliquippa and Southern R.R. Co.
All American Airways.
Allegheny and South Side Ry.
Alma and Jonquieres Ry. Co.
Almanor R.R. Co.
Alton Route (See G. M. & O. R.R.)
Alton & Eastern R.R. (See Illinois Terminal)
Alton and Southern R.R.
Aluminum Line (See Alcoa Steamship Co.)
Amador Central R.R.
American & African Line
American & Australian S.S. Line
American & Indian Line
American & Manchurian Line
American Airlines
American Barge Line Co.
American Export Lines
American-Hawaiian Steamship Co.
American Mail Line
American-Mediterranean-Levant Line
American President Lines
American R.R. Co.. of Porto Rico
American Short Line R.R. Association
American Waterways Operators, Inc. (See Coyle Lines, Mississippi Valley Barge Line and American Barg
Angelina & Neches River R.R.
Ann Arbor R.R.
Ann Arbor R.R. Steamships
Apache Ry. Co.
Apalachicola Northern R.R. Co.
Arcade & Attica R.R. Corporation
Arcata and Mad River R.R. Co.
Arkansas R.R.
Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri Ry.
Arkansas & Memphis Ry. Bridge & Terminal Co.
Arkansas & Ozarks Ry.
Arkansas Western Ry. (See Kansas City Southern)
Arnold Transit Co.
Aroostook Valley R.R.
Arrow Line
Artemus-Jellico R.R. Co.
Asherton and Gulf Ry. Co. (See Missouri Pacific Lines)
Ashley, Drew & Northern Ry. Co.
Ashtabula-Port Burwell Car Ferry Route
Asphalt Belt Ry. (See Missouri Pacific Lines)
Association of American Railroads
Association of Western Rys.
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Ry. Co.
Atlanta & Saint Andrews Bay Ry.
Atlanta and West Point R.R. Co.
Atlantic & Caribbean Steam Navigation Co. (See Grace Line)
Atlantic and Danville Ry.
Atlantic and East Carolina Ry.
Atlantic and Western Ry. Co.
Atlantic Coast Line R.R.
Atlantic Gulf and West Indies Steamship Lines. (See Ward Line)
Augusta R.R.
Augusta & Summerville R.R.
Baltimore and Annapolis R.R. Co.
Baltimore and Eastern R.R. Co.
Baltimore & Ohio R.R.
Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal R.R.
Baltimore- Old Point Comfort-Norfolk Route. (See Baltimore Steam Packet Co.)
Baltimore Stearn Packet Co.
Bamberger R.R. Co.
Bamberger Transportation Co.
Bangor and Aroostook R.R. Co.
Barber Steamship Lines, Inc
Bar Harbor Line
Barre and Chelsea R.R. Co.
Bath and Hammondsport R.R. Co.
Bauxite & Northern Ry. Co.
Bay Line
Bay Terminal R.R.
Beaufort and Morehead R.R. Co.
Beaumont, Sour Lake & Western Ry. (See Mo. Pac. Lines)
Beaumont Wharf & Terminal Co.
Beaver, Meade & Englewood R.R.
Belfast & Moosehead Lake R.R.
Bellefonte Central R.R. Co.
Belt Ry. Co. of Chicago
Benwood & Wheeling Connecting Ry.
Bessemer and Lake Erie R.R. Co.
Bevies & Southern R.R. Co.
Big Creek and Telocaset R.R.
Big Four Route. (See New York Central System).
Birmingham & Southeastern R.R.
Birmingham Belt R.R. (See Frisco Lines)
Birmingham Southern R.R. Co.
Black, Diamond Lines
Black Diamond Steamship Corp
Black Mountain Ry.
Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern R.R. Cc
Boston & Albany R.R. (See New York Cent. Sys.)
Boston and Maine R.R.
Boston-Yarmouth Line. (See Eastern S.S. Lines.).
Bowdon R.R. & Transportation Co.
Boyne City R.R. Co.
Braniff Airways.
Braniff International Airways
Brimstone R.R.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd.
British Columbia Yukon Ry.
British Yukon Navigation Co., Ltd.
British Yukon Ry. Co.
Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal R.R.
Broward County Port Authority (Port Everglades Belt Ry.)
Buffalo Creek R.R.
Buffalo Creek & Gauley R.R.
Bull Lines
Burlington Lines.
Burlington Route.
Bush Terminal R.R. Co.
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Ry.
Cadiz R.R.
California Western R.R.
Camargo & Western R.R.
Camas Prairie R.R. (See Un. Pac. and N.P.)
Cambria and Indiana R.R.
Camino, Placerville & Lake Tahoe R.R.
Campbell's Creek R.R. Co.
Canada & Gulf Terminal Ry.
Canada Coach Lines, Ltd.
Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd
Canadian Australasian Line, Ltd
Canadian Government Rys. (See Can. National)
Canadian National Rys.
Canadian National Steamships
Canadian Pacific Air Lines.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Canadian Pacific Ry.—Pacific Ocean Service
Canadian Pacific Ry.—British Columbia Coast Service
Canadian Pacific Steamships, Ltd
Canadian Pacific Car & Passenger Transfer Co., Ltd
Canton R.R. Co.
Canton & Carthage R.R. Co.
Cape Fear Rys., Inc
Capital Airlines
Carbon Co.unty Ry. Co.
Carlsbad Cavern Coaches
Carolina and Northwestern Ry.
Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio Ry. (See Clinchfield R.R.)
Carolina Southern Ry.
Carolina Western R. R.
Carrollton R.R.
Carthage Transportation Co.
Cassvifle & Exeter Ry.
Castleman River R.R.
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Ry. Co.
Central California Traction Co.
Central Indiana Ry.
Central of Georgia Ry. Co.
Central R.R. Co. of New Jersey
Central R.R. Co. of Pennsylvania.-
Central Vermont Ry., Inc.
Charles City Western Ry. Co.
Charleston & Western Carolina Ry.
Chattahoochee Valley Ry. Co.
Chesapeake and Ohio Ry.
Chesapeake & Ohio Ry.—Car Ferry Service
Chesapeake Western Ry.
Chestnut Ridge Ry.
Cheswick & Harman R.R. Co.
Chicago and Calumet River R.R. Co.
Chicago & Eastern Illinois R. R.
Chicago & Illinois Midland Ry. Co.
Chicago & Illinois Western R.R.
Chicago and North Western Ry.
Chicago and North Western System.
Chicago & Southern Air Lines
Chicago & Western Indiana R.R.
Chicago Aurora and Elgin Ry. Co.
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R.R.
Chicago Duluth and Georgian Bay Transit Co.
Chicago Great Western Ry.
Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer R.R.
Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville Ry. Co.
Chicago Junction Ry.
Chicago Junction Ry. Co. (Corporate Organization)
Chicago, Kalamazoo & Saginaw Ry. (See New York Cent. SYs.)
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific R.R.
Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Ry.
Chicago Produce Terminal Co.
Chicago River & Indiana R.R.
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific R.R. Co.
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Ry. (Chicago & North Western System)
Chicago Short Line Ry. Co.
Chicago South Shore and South Bend R.R.
Chicago Union Station Co.
Chicago, West Pullman & Southern R.R.
Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Ry. (See Southern)
Cincinnati Union Terminal Co.
City of Prineville Ry.
Clarendon & Pittsford R.R.
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Ry. (See New York Central System)
Cliffside R.R.
Clinchfield R.R.
Clipper Line. (See Wisconsin & Michigan S. S.)
Clover Leaf Route. (See N. Y C. & St. Louis)
Coahuila & Zacatecas Ry.
Coastwise Line
Colonial Airlines
Colorado & South-eastern R.R.
Colorado & Soothers Lines. (See Burlington Lines)
Colorado and Southern Ry.Co.. (See Burl Lines)
Colorado & Wyoming Ry. Co.
Colorado R.R., Inc.
Columbia & Co.wlitz Ry. Co.
Columbia & Millstadt R.R.
Columbia, Newberry & Laurens R.R.
Columbus and Greenville Ry. Co.
Conapania Ferrocarril Mexicano del Norte
Condon, Kinzua & Southern R.R. Co.
Conemaugh & Black Lick R.R. Co.
Connecticut River Line
Consolidated Railroads of Cuba
Continental Air Lines
Copper Range R.R. Co.
Cornwall R.R. Co.
Cotton Belt Route.
Cotton Plant-Fargo Ry.
Coudersport and Port Allegany R. R
Cowlitz, Chehalis & Cascade Ry.
Coyle Lines.
Craig Mountain Ry.
Crandic Route. (See Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Ry. Co.)
Cuba Mail Line. (See Ward Line)
Cuba R.R. Co.
Cuban Central Rys. (See United Rys. of Havana)
Cuba Northern Rys. Co.
Cuban Railroads
Cumberland Ry. & Co.
Cumberland and Pennsylvania R.R. Co.
Cunard Steam-Ship Co., Ltd.
Cuyahoga Valley Ry.
Dansville and Mount Morris R.R. Co.
Dardanelle & Russellville R.R.
Davenport, Rock Island and North Western Ry.
Day Line. (See Hudson River Day Line)
Delaware and Hudson R.R. corporation.
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western R.R. Co. W4,A
Delray Co.nnecting R.R. Co.
Delta Air Lines
Delta Line
Delta Route (See Columbus and Greenville Ry.Co.)
Delta Valley & Southern Ry. Co.
Denison and Pacific Suburban Ry. Co.
Denver & Intermountain R.R.
Denver & Rio Grande Western R.R. Co.
De Queen and Eastern R.R.
Des Moines and Central Iowa Ry. Co.
Des Moines Union Ry.
Des Moines Western Ry. Co.
Detroit and Mackinac Ry. Co.
Detroit and Toledo Shore Line
Detroit, Caro and Sandusky
Detroit Terminal R.R.
Detroit, Toledo and Ironton R.R. Co.
Dixie Line. (See Nash. Chat. 61 St. Louis Ry.)
Dominion Atlantic Ry.
Donaldson Atlantic Line
Doniphan, Kensett & Searcy Ry. (See Mo. Pac.)
Donors Southern R.R.
Duluth & Northeastern R.R. Co.
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Ry.
Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic R.R. Co.
Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Ry. (See Canadian National)
Durham and Southern Ry. Co.
East Asiatic Co., Ltd.
East Broad Top R.R. & Co.
East Carolina Ry.
East Erie Commercial R.R.
Eastern Air Lines, Inc
Eastern Railroad Presidents Conference
Eastern Steamship Lines, Inc.
East Jersey R.R. & Terminal Co.
East Jordan & Southern R.R.
East St. Louis Junction R.R.
East Tennessee and Western North Carolina R.R. Co.
East Washington Ry. Co.
Edgmoor & Manetta Ry.
El Dorado and Wesson Ry.
Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Ry. Co.
Ellerman & Bucknall Associated Lines
El Oro Mining & Ry. Co. (See National Rys. of Mexico)
El Paso Southern Ry. (See Ferrocarril Nor-Oeste de Mexico, S.A)