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Why volunteer?

We have developed an online process for volunteers to add annotations and bookmarks to the timetables. It is important to help users navigate large books and make interesting discoveries, but it slows down the publication process if we try to do all the indexing first.

By signing up to a job, you should gain a deeper familiarity with a timetable as you work, which should help your enjoyment of the website – and help others in the process.

This page does not include all the volunteer jobs, just the indexing ones.

The work involved

The Editor tool is like the timetable viewer – except that you can click on it anywhere to add annotations.

We ask you to page through a timetable, adding a note at the start of each section or timetable. The note comprises a Title and a Caption. The Title is short: “Station Index”, “Table 50”, “Service X5”. The Caption is longer: “London, Crewe, Warrington, Preston, Windermere, and Carlisle”.

Add one note to each section by clicking at its start. A marker will appear on the page when you save it. Errors can be corrected for as long as the annotation window remains open. When you are happy, move to the next location and click again; the previous window will close and a new one will open.

You can hover over the previous markers to view the titles and captions you entered.

There is a job control page containing guidelines for completion. The page also includes a button to press when the job is finished, and another one if you need to abandon the job.

After completion, we perform a quality control check, then the bookmarks can be made public.


Please complete the job at a pace you are comfortable with.

The system is available day and night (we hope) and you can pause whenever you need to. Work is saved continuously.

We will be in touch by email if there is a lengthy period of inactivity, and the job may be re-assigned if we do not hear back from you.

Choose a job

Signing up: Please provide an email address to receive your personal link. The email will be sent by our service provider opentiles.org.

  1. Please respond to the mail within 15 minutes, otherwise the job may be re-let
  2. Only one job at a time please. To cancel a job after accepting, please email us
  3. Detailed guidelines for completion are provided on the job control page after acceptance
  4. The link is personal to you.

Railways of Great Britain & Ireland

Job IDItemJob descriptionPagesStatus
81Bradshaw 1840 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)45Completed
82Bradshaw 1841 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)50Available View itemSign up
83Bradshaw 1842 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)57Available View itemSign up
84Bradshaw 1843 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)69Available View itemSign up
85Bradshaw 1844 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)76Available View itemSign up
86Bradshaw 1847 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)94Available View itemSign up
146Bradshaw 1850 [Great Britain] - see Info1 hour (estimate)175Available View itemSign up
56Bradshaw 1877 [Great Britain and Ireland]3 hours (estimate)493Available View itemSign up
47Bradshaw 1906 [Great Britain and Ireland]8 hours (estimate)1081Available View itemSign up
52Bradshaw 1944 [Great Britain and Ireland]6 hours (estimate)858Available View itemSign up
49Bradshaw 1946 [Great Britain and Ireland]7 hours (estimate)978Available View itemSign up
87Bradshaw Companion 1845 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)78Available View itemSign up
114Bradshaw Guide 1866 [Great Britain]6 hours (estimate)624Available View itemSign up
45Bradshaw's 1961 [Great Britain and Ireland]7 hours (estimate)1123Allocated
88Bradshaw Sep 1846 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)85Available View itemSign up
1Bradshaw's Journal 1841 to 1842 [Great Britain]3 hours (estimate)425Available View itemSign up
89Bradshaw Summer Companion 1842 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)61Available View itemSign up
46London Midland & Scottish May 1932 Supplement [Great Britain and Ireland]3 hours (estimate)418Available View itemSign up
51London Midland & Scottish Railway 1939 [Great Britain and Ireland]6 hours (estimate)834Completed
50London & North Eastern Railway 1934 NE Section [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)38Completed
55London & North Eastern Railway 1939 [Great Britain]3 hours (estimate)406Available View itemSign up
48London & North Western Railway 1860 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)63Completed
93NIR N Ireland 1981<1 hour (estimate)69Completed
53North Eastern Railway 1902 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)99Completed
54North Eastern Railway 1906 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)116Available View itemSign up
125North Eastern Region - Jun 1964 [Great Britain]3 hours (estimate)311Completed
128Reid's Railway Guide and North East Coast ABC Time Tables, no. 697, May 1907 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)92Available View itemSign up
135Bradshaw's Guide Dec 1895 [Great Britan & Ireland]8 hours (estimate)838Available View itemSign up
100CIE Ireland 19731 hour (estimate)109Completed
63CIE Jun 1983 [Ireland]1 hour (estimate)101Completed
101IoM Isle of Man 1991<1 hour (estimate)68Completed

Buses of Great Britain

Job IDItemJob descriptionPagesStatus
80Aldershot & District Traction Co Ltd. 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)217Completed
113Barton Robin Hood 1968 Nottingham [Great Britain]3 hours (estimate)316Completed
33Brighton 17th Sep 1967 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)119Allocated
23Bristol 17th Mar 1968 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)296Available View itemSign up
90Bristol Omnibus Co Ltd. 1967 Bath, Wells, Weston-super-Mare [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)210Completed
115Bristol Omnibus Co Ltd. 1970 Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Swindon [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)240Completed
22City of Oxford 2nd Mar 1969 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)185Completed
21Crosville Motor Services Ltd. 1968 No. 2 Area [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)202Completed
116Crosville Motor Services Ltd. 1968 No. 3 Area [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)170Allocated
117Crosville Motor Services Ltd. 1969 No. 4 Area [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)171Completed
118Crosville Motor Services Ltd. 1969 No. 5 Area [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)218Completed
119Crosville Motor Services Ltd. 1971 No 1 Area [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)297Completed
20Cumberland 18th June 1978 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)121Completed
24Devon General 12th May 1968 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)227Completed
91Eastern Counties 1969 Ipswich [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)286Completed
92Eastern Counties 1969 Norwich [Great Britain]4 hours (estimate)426Completed
120Eastern Counties 1969 Peterborough [Great Britain]3 hours (estimate)340Completed
19Eastern Counties 4th Feb 1968 Cambridge [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)274Completed
29Eastern National 26th May 1968 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)367Completed
28East Kent Road Car Co 3rd Sep 1967 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)253Completed
31East Midland Motor Services 28th Sep 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)298Completed
18East Yorkshire Motor Services 21st Sep 1969 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)156Completed
39Hants & Dorset 11th Jun 1967 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)231Completed
147Leeds City Transport 1964<1 hour (estimate)53Completed
57Lincolnshire Road Car Co 6th Jan 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)306Allocated
121Maidstone & District Motor Services Ltd. 1968 Mid Kent [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)270Completed
122Maidstone & District Motor Services Ltd. 1969 East Sussex & Tunbridge Wells [Great Britain]3 hours (estimate)306Allocated
27Maidstone & District Motor Services North Kent 6th Jul 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)289Completed
40Mansfield District, Midland General, Notts & Derby 12th Oct 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)304Available View itemSign up
60Midland Red (Worcester Area) 13th Sep 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)369Completed
123Multiple Operators 1968 Central Area (South Wales) [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)264Completed
124Multiple Operators 1969 West Wales [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)135Completed
58Northern General Transport Co Apr 1970 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)430Completed
34North Western Road Car Co 25th Sep 1967 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)352Completed
126Portsmouth Area Joint Transport Services 1969 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)192Available View itemSign up
42Potteries Motor Traction Apr 1970 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)485Completed
32Red & White + Others 1st Jul 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)256Completed
129Ribble 1970 East Lancashire Area No. 3 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)184Completed
94Ribble Bus Services 1968 Northern Area No.1 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)182Completed
41Ribble (E Lancs) 25th Jun 1966 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)182Completed
95Sheffield Transport & Joint Omnibus Committee 1968 Sheffield [Great Britain]3 hours (estimate)312Completed
130Southdown 1969 West Sussex [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)244Completed
59Southdown East Sussex 7th Sep 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)242Completed
25Southern Vectis 19th May 1969 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)83Completed
131Stratford-upon-Avon Blue Motors Ltd. 1969 [Great Britain]<1 hour (estimate)71Completed
132Swansea & District 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)286Completed
26Thames Valley Traction Co 25th May 1968 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)235Completed
35Trent Motor Traction 1st Jun 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)340Completed
43United Automobile Services 15th Jun 1969 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)501Completed
30United Counties Omnibus Co 28th Apr 1968 [Great Britain]3 hours (estimate)408Completed
96Western National / Southern National 1969 Cornwall [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)244Completed
97Western National / Southern National 1969 Devon [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)241Completed
61Western National/Southern National 8th Jun 1969 Somerset & Dorset [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)261Completed
133West Riding Automobile Co Ltd 1969 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)196Completed
134West Riding Automobile Co Ltd 1970 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)197Completed
37West Yorkshire Road Car Co 19th Jun 1966 [Great Britain]2 hours (estimate)289Completed
38Wilts & Dorset 11th Jun 1967 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)167Completed
36Yorkshire Traction/Mexborough & Swinton Traction May 1969 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)211Completed
44Yorkshire Woollen District Transport Aug 1971 [Great Britain]1 hour (estimate)80Completed
101IoM Isle of Man 1991<1 hour (estimate)68Completed

Europe (excluding GB & Ireland)

Job IDItemJob descriptionPagesStatus
2OBB Austria 19827 hours (estimate). Contains German characters1061Completed
145Belgium-19726 hours (estimate)691Available View itemSign up
77SNCB Belgium 19827 hours (estimate)714Completed
3SNCB May 1968 [Belgium]4 hours (estimate). Contains French characters593Completed
112SNCB/SNCV May 1955 [Belgium]7 hours (estimate)758Available View itemSign up
4Switzerland May 19829 hours (estimate)1377Available View itemSign up
78CD Czech 19947 hours (estimate)743Allocated
5CSD May 1982 [Czechoslovakia]6 hours (estimate). Contains Czech characters859Completed
8Bus Timetable West Germany [Southern] Sep 198611 hours (estimate). Contains German characters1692Allocated
9DB & DR Germany Jun 199115 hours (estimate). Contains German characters2197Completed
7DB_DR Intra-German Travel Leaflet 19901 hour (estimate). Contains German characters42Completed
79DR Germany 19853 hours (estimate)358Completed
6Kursbuch - 1962 [West Germany]5 hours (estimate). Contains German characters778Available View itemSign up
10Deutsche Reichbahn Summer 1939 [Germany]15 hours (estimate). Contains German characters1753Available View itemSign up
12Hendschels Telegraph 1914 [Germany]5 hours (estimate). Contains German characters819Available View itemSign up
11Storm 1926 [Germany]8 hours (estimate). Contains German characters532Available View itemSign up
13DSB Denmark 19837 hours (estimate). Contains Danish characters1012Completed
14RENFE Spain 19853 hours (estimate)421Available View itemSign up
15VR Finland 19741 hour (estimate). Contains Finnish characters186Available View itemSign up
16VR Sep 1983 [Finland]2 hours (estimate). Contains Finnish characters192Available View itemSign up
17France May 19725 hours (estimate). Contains French characters738Allocated
98OSE Greece 19722 hours (estimate)203Available View itemSign up
62OSE Greece 19972 hours (estimate)245Completed
99MAV 1997-98 [Hungary]8 hours (estimate)861Completed
66Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane - May 1972 [Italy]1 hour (estimate)125Allocated
102FS Italy 199211 hours (estimate)1199Available View itemSign up
67Italy May 19835 hours (estimate)805Completed
68CFL Jun 1984 [Luxembourg]1 hour (estimate). Contains French characters182Completed
103CFL Lux 19753 hours (estimate)364Available View itemSign up
69Netherlands Jun 19804 hours (estimate). Contains Dutch characters536Available View itemSign up
104NS [Netherlands] Oct 19302 hours (estimate)253Available View itemSign up
70Norway Jan 19813 hours (estimate). Contains Norwegian characters424Completed
72PKP Poland 19797 hours (estimate). Contains Polish characters1012Completed
105PKP Poland 198510 hours (estimate)1045Available View itemSign up
106PKP Poland 19958 hours (estimate)862Completed
107CP Portugal 1985<1 hour (estimate)68Available View itemSign up
108CFR 2011-12 [Romania]3 hours (estimate)348Completed
73Sweden May 19825 hours (estimate). Contains Swedish characters774Completed
74Yugoslavia Sep 19812 hours (estimate)294Completed
109JZ 1978-79 [Yugoslavia]2 hours (estimate)261Available View itemSign up
110UZ Employee Mar 1993 [Ukraine]7 hours (estimate)785Available View itemSign up


Job IDItemJob descriptionPagesStatus
65Newman's Indian Bradshaw Oct 1996 [India]4 hours (estimate)442Available View itemSign up
64North Eastern Railway Oct 1984 [India]2 hours (estimate)123Completed
149Shinkansen services 2015 (in English) [Japan]<1 hour (estimate)19Available View itemSign up
136Sri Lanka Railways Feb 19911 hour (estimate)104Available View itemSign up
71Pakistan Oct 19881 hour (estimate)204Available View itemSign up

North America

Job IDItemJob descriptionPagesStatus
150Official Guide Jul 1937 [North America]8 hours (estimate)843Available View itemSign up
75Official Guide to the Railways Oct 1923 [N America]10 hours (estimate)1594Available View itemSign up
111Official Guide to the Railways May 1916 [N America]15 hours (estimate)1596Available View itemSign up
142Official Guide Jan 1927 [North America]17 hours (estimate)1734Available View itemSign up

Africa & Middle East

Job IDItemJob descriptionPagesStatus
137SNCFT 2007-8 [Tunisia]<1 hour (estimate)32Completed
143South African Transport Services Nov 1987<1 hour (estimate)41Completed
144National Railways of Zimbabwe Dec 1986<1 hour (estimate)24Completed


Job IDItemJob descriptionPagesStatus
151Thomas Cook Mar 1981 [Overseas]4 hours (estimate)418Available View itemSign up
152Thomas Cook Nov-Dec 1982 [Overseas]4 hours (estimate)417Available View itemSign up
153Thomas Cook Nov-Dec 2003 [Overseas]4 hours (estimate)437Available View itemSign up
154Thomas Cook Nov-Dec 2010 [Overseas]4 hours (estimate)436Available View itemSign up
138Bradshaw's Continental 1913 [Europe]14 hours (estimate)1420Available View itemSign up
139Cooks Continental Timetable Dec 1958 [Europe]4 hours (estimate)402Available View itemSign up
140Cooks Continental Timetable Mar 1973 [Europe]5 hours (estimate)518Available View itemSign up
141Thomas Cook 2May 1979 [International]6 hours (estimate)602Available View itemSign up
155Thomas Cook Dec 1989 [Europe]5 hours (estimate)501Available View itemSign up
156Thomas Cook Feb 2009 [Europe]5 hours (estimate)569Available View itemSign up
76Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits / International Sleeping Car Company 1911 [Europe]1 hour (estimate)26Available View itemSign up