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Who we are

Timetable World is a volunteer group with no separate legal identity. The aim is to provide free public access to digital copies of historical transport timetables and maps.  Any commercial activity is intended to finance the project on a not-for-profit basis.

Our website is hosted in the United Kingdom and is covered by English law.


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Yes, they are used.  The site is based on WordPress and there are several third-party plug-ins that add the cookies.  These include WordPress itself, Google Analytics, and the Shop payment gateways.  Timetable World doesn't add its own.

Your data

We collect basic contact information when you sign up to a Timetable World account.  Fuller information is collected when you use the Shop, to support the billing processes.

We do not share your data with third parties.

We may use your contact information to notify you about updates to the website.  Let us know if you wish to be removed from the alert list.


We encourage users to help develop the site, by making timetable loans and donations and by indexing online.  We do not claim any copyright on volunteer contributions and would not recognise any claims made against us. The full copyright policy is available at Copyright.