Book scanning job in Maidenhead

About Timetable World

Timetable World is the online collection of historical transport timetables and maps from around the World.  It is a digital archive for those interested in transport, social history, local studies and the like.

We're based in Maidenhead but the archive is accessed globally.

The job

There are about 3,000 historical timetables to be scanned. This is a casual job that you will do at home at a time that suits your needs.  Crates of timetables will be brought to you as often as needed, and taken away as you complete scanning the contents.

The Czur ET-16 overhead scanner

You will be using a Czur ET16 Pro overhead scanner that we will lend to you.  It has a foot pedal to take pictures as you turn the pages of the book.

You must supply an up-to-date computer and be familiar with using it.  We will install the scanner software on your computer and teach you how to take good scans.  Factors to consider are:

  • How to get the best scans from books with different types of binding i.e. glued, stitched, stapled etc.
  • Adjusting the lighting
  • How to deal with mis-scans.

Also, how to keep records of what you have done.

With the Czur scanner, 600 scans per hour is easily achievable.  A scan covers a double page.

Payment is on the following basis:

  • A per-scan payment of 2.5p


  • A per-book payment of 50p to cover the time spent on record-keeping.

Example: Scanning a 200-page book is expected to earn you £3.00.  There are 100 scans @ 2.5p = £2.50 + 50p for the book.  You should be able to do at least six books per hour, meaning that on-target earnings of at least £18 per hour is achievable.